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mrtshopping100.com is an online shop that provides large discounts on various products. Shopping on our website is both possible as a customer and if you are a member of the site. To purchase on our website you must be over 18 years of age, which you are required to confirm when you register and make your first purchase. mrtshopping100.com is only for private customers.

If you choose to be a member, your subscription is deducted automatically at or after the end of the original term selected, until you no longer wish to be a member. You can terminate your membership at any time. Simply login to your account by selecting the login from the right corner, then fill the cancel subscription form in the support page. You may also cancel your membership in writing by sending an email directly to our support at [email protected].

From time to time we enroll our loyal customers in a loyalty program where the randomly chosen customers will be granted a discounted membership price on the next payment only.

How To Purchase

All customers on our website can purchase at the non-discounted prices displayed. After successfully placing an order, we will send an email with the order confirmation and a new email when the ordered products have been dispatched.

Basic Membership holders are required to log into their respective accounts in order to make purchases at discounted rates. In accordance with this provision, new Basic Members might be offered an initial trial period of 3 days at the price of GBP 3. Upon completion of the order, an order confirmation will be sent via email, and subsequent dispatch of the order will also be notified via email.

Premium Membership holders must log into their accounts to avail themselves of the benefits of discounted prices and exclusive product access, which for Premium Members are complimentary excluding shipping costs. New Premium Members might be offered a trial period of 7 day(s) for GBP 0. The acquisition of a Premium Membership obligates the simultaneous purchase of at least one product. Upon completion of the order, an order confirmation will be sent via email, and subsequent dispatch of the order will also be notified via email.

For both Basic and Premium Membership holders, the option to modify their existing Membership type is not provided. In case a member desire a Membership change, the current subscription must be canceled, and a new subscription must be created according to the desired Membership.

If you are not a member and want to become a member, simply add a Membership when you purchase a product. If you are a new member, you will be offered a trial period according to your selection of the Membership plan. After successfully placing an order, we will send an email with the order confirmation and a new email when the ordered products have been dispatched.

If a recurring payment is not successfully processed, we may charge an administrative fee of up to GBP 3 to your credit card to keep your membership active until the full cost for your membership can be successfully processed.


It is only possible to order products via our website.

Order Cancellations

If you have made an order and wish to cancel it, you need to let us know by contacting us at either [email protected] or telephone +441369808598. Please note that it is only possible to cancel an order if our warehouse has not yet begun processing it.

About Prices

The discounted prices shown on the website are member’s prices. The prices that we compare our own to are the guiding market prices that are used in other shops and on other websites. We keep a close eye on these prices but they are subject to sudden market changes.

mrtshopping100.com offer delivery in many Countries. Due to climate-related needs or the application of mandatory laws (e.g. VAT or regarding official mandatory periods for end of season sales), the products sold and their prices may vary from Country to Country.


We accept: Visa and MasterCard. Payment can only be made using a credit card. Payment is deducted from your account upon order or upon commencement of your membership. You will not be deducted for an amount in excess of that which was approved upon completion of your purchase.


Orders will be delivered with either courier or local postal service, all with tracking number. The expected delivery time is 10-15 days depending on the location. We take full responsibility for the purchased products until they have been delivered.

Cancellation Policies And Return Of Products

mrtshopping100.com offers a cancellation policy of 14 days.

If you wish to return one or more purchased products, let us know via Telephone: +441369808598 or via email: [email protected] (we reply within 24 hours 7 days a week).

In the case of contracts for the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for returns due to health protection or hygiene reasons, the right to cancel ceases if the goods become unsealed after delivery.

The Conditions Of Returned Products

Any depreciation in value related to product use that is improper or different from its intended use and function is paid for by the customer. In other words - you can try the product in the same way you would try it in a physical outlet. However, if you damage the product through misuse or carelessness and seek reimbursement, you may end up receiving only a small part or none of the purchase price back if you return it, depending on the commercial value of the product(s) in question and the nature of the given incident.

In the case of beauty products, fragrances and cosmetics, the original packaging can play a significant part in determining the value of the product(s) in question. We therefore encourage you to send the items back in an undamaged condition.

Refund Of Purchase Price

If you cancel your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund of the money you paid us. In case of depreciation related to improper product use or carelessness, the purchase price is subtracted.

If you exercise your cancellation right, we refund all payments received, including any prepaid delivery expenses. Payment is made without undue delay and under all circumstances, 7 days at the latest from the date on which we receive notice of your decision to cancel your purchase. Refunds are issued in the same format as the original payment method.

We reserve the right to withhold your refund until we have received the products that are to be returned, unless you can provide proper documentation to this effect.

If you wish to cancel your purchase, send your product (s) to:

RETURN ADDRESS Magnetis Limited
Registration # 12025272
8 Angles Road, SW16 2UR, London
United Kingdom

What Do I Need To Return?

In order to expedite the return process, please include a copy of your order confirmation in addition to the product(s) that you are returning. If you no longer have your order confirmation, you may also include the email address used when placing the order or the order number itself.

Your Right To Complain

We offer the standard legal complaints procedure, applicable for 24 months after delivery. This means that you can get your product repaired, exchanged, get your money back or receive a price reduction, depending on the situation in question. Your complaint must be valid, meaning that any faults cannot be the result of incorrect use of the product or destructive behaviour. Note that for products with a limited lifespan, your right to complain is limited accordingly.

How Quickly Should I File A Complaint?

Contact us as soon as you notice a mistake or missing parts on and for a product that has been purchased at the webshop. This should happen as soon as possible or within a reasonable time period from the moment you notice that there is something wrong with your product. File your complaint via your account or by contacting our helpful customer service directly on phone or email.


If you want to complain about your purchase, send your complaint to our customer service.

Applicable Jurisdiction.

All contracts between the company and the Consumer to which these General Terms and Conditions apply shall be governed exclusively by United Kingdom.

Children And Minors

When you register, you are required to confirm that you are over 18 years of age. If you are under 18, registration and subscription needs to be completed by a parent or a legal guardian. An agreement can be easily revoked by a parent or a legal guardian if it has been made by a minor.


The prices in the webshop are current prices, based on the market prices at any given time. Therefore, we reserve the right to changes in prices resulting from force majeure, hereunder work conflicts and missing or delayed delivery from our suppliers.